The Network of Forest Kindergartens and Schools of Slovenia was created and is being developed with the help of kindergartens and schools, the Forest Pedagogy Institute, the National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia under its innovation projects, and all others that trust our work.

The forest is a space where we work in harmony with the nature of the forest and the nature of the children. We are coming to realize more and more that learning in nature holds something more; it enables our children to not only experience nature but to experience themselves and their friends positively. In the forest the children not only deepen their knowledge of nature, mathematics, the Slovenian language, but each child develops his or her own individual abilities in the best possible way; the entire class develops as a group and the social network is strengthened. When in nature, the restlessness, lack of concentration, the feeling of being restricted, stress, competitiveness, the lack of confidence that pedagogical workers notice in our children give way to creative inspiration and cooperation.



The Network encourages creativity, innovativeness, curiosity, cooperation, and excellence. The path to a forest, to a nearby stream or meadow should become and remain a part of the lives of our children, as well as of our own.

Natalija Györek, M.Sc.


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